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Syntron Industries Pvt. Ltd.Syntron Industries Pvt. Ltd.Syntron Industries Pvt. Ltd.

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About us

The Eco friendly

Syntron Industries Pvt. Ltd. as a humble beginnings as an eminent manufacturer and supplier of Textile Auxiliaries. After decades of constant evolution, dedication and up gradation, Syntron Industries Pvt. Ltd. has established itself as an innovative manufacturer of Textile Auxiliaries. We provide the most Advanced Chemicals speciality Auxiliaries and Dyes across myriad industries from Agro Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals to Textile, Paper, Detergent Industries and more.

With a state of the art technological laboratory and a highly qualified team of experts to develop other fields of applications such as Inks, Pigment Dispersions , Paper Dyes, Paper Auxiliaries and Surfactants. Syntron chose to take the next step and launched “PRINTRON“. A specialty range of inks, pigment dispersions, paper dyes, surfactants and auxiliaries.

The Syntron

Quality Standard

Ever Since the inception of syntron, impetus on quality has taken precedence above all else. Since quality has always been a key factor to capture market share, we at syntron industries understand in order to maintain consistency and result oriented products it is essential to have our own inhouse R&D team.

With this is mind, we have established a R&D and application Laboratory outfitted with cutting edge machinery and equipment. Spearheading the laboratory is an efficient and equally sharp and qualified team of experts. Equipped to carry out the most complex tests and research, our lab boasts of the most cutting edge technology and equipments.

Several tests conducted to maintain the credibility of our range includes:
Purity percentile
Non toxicity
Effectiveness for intended application
Environment friendly
Accurate composition

Since 1978


With the ever evolving face of Industries, We at Syntron are poised to establish ourselves as a market leader supplying inks and more as per client requirements. what sets us apart from myriad other players in the market is our approach and infrastructure to ensure that we deliver only the best.

Syntron Says Yes:
No matter how complicated your requirement or how stringent your quality standards, SYntron Industries Pvt. Ltd. will fail you. Equipped with a plethora of technical knowledge and efficient manpower, we can customize any inks to match exacting client needs.

Client Centric Approach:

We at syntron industries Pvt. Ltd. have gron over the past 3 decades owing to our client centric approach and attention to details paid for each and every individual requirement. Customer complaints are promptly and effectively handled on the highest priority, with a 100% satisfaction rate. Moreover, we also strive hard to understand the ever increasing demands of our clients and further incorporate their valuable suggestions in our range of products and service. For this, we have maintained a meaningful relationship with our esteemed clients that have helped us in efficiently meeting the specifications of our clients within the stipulated time frame.

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