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Ink For Exercise Notebook & Paper Stationery


Syntron Industries Pvt. Ltd. developed “PRINTRON” range of water base ink for various kind of applications for flexo ruling. These inks have found favour in the market and have replaced in flexo printing or Ruling Machines and Automatic Book Production Lines for all paper stationery products like exercise books, spiral notebooks, pads, loose-leaf filler papers etc.

Special Notes:

We supply our company’s Guidelines for best use of our inks along with supply documents or on specific request which will help you to get the quality result of our inks and best product quality at your end. Request you to contact us for “Guidelines for our inks for Best Usage

Check the label on carboy with “PRINTRON” Brand mentioned with our company name and details. Also check lock seal on mouser outer cap and Inner seal with SYNTRON company logo. If you do not find above details on or in carboys then consider that it will not be PRINTRON ink supplied by SYNTRON INDUSTRIES PRIVATE LIMITED. Report to our company for any of the above seals or labels not found to avoid wrong supply.

Shade Card:
Applications: Advantages: For Better Quality Handle & Use: Highlights: Features:
  • Exercise Books
  • Spiral notebooks
  • Pads
  • Pocket diaries
  • Loose leaf filler papers
  • Index inserts
  • Simple cover pages
  • Non-corrosive
  • Finishing with shine
  • Cost effective
  • Dilution ratio of mixing ink with water depends up on shade requirement.
  • Change or clean side pads for anilox or rubber rollers while machine stopped for more than 5 hours or colour change
  • Impression pressure must be released when machine is stopped
  • Rubber rollers must be kept on proper stand and should not be kept on floor or one on one
  • Ink tank must be cleaned twice a week or immediately before color change
  • Diameter or surface of rubber rollers must be uniform with proper grinding
  • Must be stored in under roof to avoid direct sunlight
  • Shake carboys well before use
  • Use hand gloves & other safety tools
  • Unload ink in neat and clean bucket and add demineralised water in ink as per ink shade required
  • Advisable to keep separate bucket for separate colours
  • Available in 25 Kgs export worthy HDPE carboys
  • For best results use within 1 year

(Unsealed carboy & under proper storage conditions)

  • No Ph Reduced Required
  • In Built Anti-Forming Additives
  • High Concentration 
  • Quick Drying
  • Resins Free
  • No Silicon, No Phthalates, No Bad Amines
  • Environment Friendly Due To Water Base
  • Boost Product Quality
  • Cut Machine Downtime
  • Minimize Ink Bills
  • Excellent Yield / Best Price – Performance Ratio
  • Good Rub Resistance
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