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When the fertilizer are white and physical form is the same, which is very difcult to indentify, for this reasons to differentiate the fertilizers Pigmatron Pigments are dispersed in water & sprayed over the hot fertilizer, the colored fertilizers are dried when it is cooled with countercurrent air. Mainly useful for phosphated fertilizers. The selection of Pigmatron dispersions are based on the pH of materials.

Properties Nature Physical Form Storage Fastness Properties

The Pigmatron products can be easily dispersible in water with stirring, just you can sprinkle the Powder or pour the liquid Pigmatron which will be disperse in water. It will not leave any particles on the surface. Because of the highly dispersed powder / liquid. Pigmatron ADP and ADR powder are very easy to handle compare to liquid paste in operation like weighing & withdrawing from the drum. Unlike pigment paste it does not settle down & dry up in hot-dry conditions.


Pigmatron Colorants are pre-dispersed with anionic and nonionic dispersing agents of organic & In-organic Pigments which all are water dispersible.


  • Micro ne powder and liquid / paste

Keep in dry place, the shelf life has no limitation in powder form. In liquid/paste form keep it in cool and dry place and seal must be tightly close after use.

Pigmatron products are easily used in all kind of aqueous systems binders & all important polymer dispersion & emulsions.

The fastness properties like light, weathers, Acid, Alkali & lime fastness are depends on the Constitution of the pigments. It will not be affected after dispersion and will show the same properties as per the colour index.

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